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Consciousness is a singular of which the plural is unknown.
Erwin Schrödinger- What’s life?
There is nobody like us to know the danger of remote viewing. Military intelligence at Orwell Corporation had spent millions to develop a pilot program in such field. Captain Dickinson joined as volunteer. He was an outstanding psychic. From the very beginning he was able to distinguish between fantasy and mental representation. According to his extraordinary qualities, Orwell's chieftains commanded him to serve a mission nearly supernatural: he had to connect to Griffin, a neural implants network. But it was not an innocent mission. The Corporation sought to annihilate the growing Sect of Philosophers. Griffin devices were originally designed for therapeutic purposes but after certain adjustments for allowing their recreational use, people turned massively dependent. This abolition of the will was resisted by our sect, which preached the free will. Methodically, Orwell made the arrangements for the punitive raid. The young captain had just needed a few passes to surf the neural net. Celebrating the coveted symbiosis between human mind and mechanical terminal, the leaders did not notice the counter-maneuvers arranged by Ts’ui Pen, who had glimpsed it would be the only chance to change things to come. He entrusted to the Order of the Symbol to perform the severe task. We are warrior monks, well trained to reach further stages of remote viewing. When Dickinson was finally able to access the system, we had already introduced a subtle distortion in the images of the future. Coming back, he brought a fake solution to the unfathomable complexity of neural interconnections. It was imperative building the Flying Cube, a supra-device for controlling the neural traffic. Once all devices were linked, the line between reality and illusion will become indivisible and for long, the power of Orwell’s will be unlimited. We will bear that weight in our consciousness. But we know one day we shall infiltrate the Cube in order to destroy the almighty Corporation. With everlasting hope, Ts’ui Pen, the restaurateur; the Sect of Philosophers and the brotherhood of the Order of the Symbol, all of us, will be waiting for this glorious upcoming day.
© Pablo Martínez Burkett, 2013
This short story was published in the #128 of Revista Digital miNatura and it is a prequel of the short story Mondo Cane published in the #102 of the same magazine. Violeta Balián gave me some extra-help with the fine tunning of translation.

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