viernes, 17 de abril de 2015



“And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left     
their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains
under darkness unto the judgment of the great day”.         
The General Epistle of Jude 1:6

Were it not for the fact that I was at an NASA installation, I could swear this was a tall tale. And had they ever so kindly had not convinced at gunpoint, I´d cry out it was sheer insanity. However, the horror in their faces persuaded me. I must reveal the secret, even at the cost of my life. I do hope someone finds these notes. Until that moment, I believed only in matters that could be reproduced, refuted and checked out. However, this finding was more than overwhelming for unearthed in the Utah desert was a meteorite, embedded with a stele covered with a cuneiform text in three languages. I happen to be regarded as an expert in that area, and I readily agree: no one else knows Archaic Persian, Elamite and Akkadian. The stele is about 82 feet high by 50 feet wide and the experts conferred it to be about 8,500 years old. I was urged to decipher the inscription. The erosion did not stop me from reading it, fluently. Where doubts assailed me, I resorted to the following language in order to corroborate the reading. And so, in the silence of an aseptic underground location, the voice of the Old Ones was heard again: 

"And it came that the Anointed-Watchers untied the strings of Uru-Anna and came down [from their dwelling] and chose women to fornicate. [After that] they taught them sorcery, the omen of storms and eclipses, the management of crops and harvests. And [those women] became pregnant and gave birth to giants. [The children of men] became suspicious of that offspring but [women] denied their fornication ... The treacherous Bat-Enosh [she then lied]: "Oh Iamga, my husband, does not thou remember when we laid together, do not thou bear in mind the pleasure I shared with thou? I swear by The-Exalted-who-Reign-in-Heaven that the fruit of my body is from thy seed, and it is not the son of Túri'el or another Watcher "... [However] as the children grew up it happened that no bird nor beast or fruit were enough and as they became Nephilim, they attacked and killed [all] and drank their blood and ate their meat. Sick of [such as blasphemy] The-Exalted devastated Earth and tying the bonds of [star] Light of Heaven where He detained [there] the Watchers until the end [of times] when they shall return [for] revenge". 

I finished reciting the antiphon and then I cried with deep anguish in anticipation of the unavoidable. I do not rule out the possibility of killing myself.

© Pablo Martinez Burkett, 2015

(*) This short story has been published in #141 of Revista digital miNatura devoted to "Cosmogonies".

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